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CWF uncharitable to St Vincents
Withdrawing $200 a week by the Charitable Works Fund will diminish the 'honourable contribution' of the Church in Redfern, according to Stephen Leeder, professor of Public Health and Community Medicine.
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"Family Friendly" Libs not so friendly
Pre election goodies to families from the Liberal Government appear to be at the expense of long term programmes for families, according to Catholic Welfare Australia.
"Travelling Roadshow" to promote ecumenism
A 'travelling Ecumenical roadshow' to tour Australia in 2005 is being planned by the Committee for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, says Bishop Putney.
Australia should 'walk the talk' - PolMin
The next Parliament should introduce a mechanism to ensure that Australia complies with international protocols says PolMin, the Australian Political Ministry Network.
Soapbox: Patriarchal power, and women in the church
US politicians are finding out about the pointy end of clerical power as some refuse communion to supporters of abortion laws. Canberra writer Ann Nugent says this sort of bullying will occur in a hierarchical system - as Ann herself discovered when she was refused communion, for supporting the ordination of women.
Welcome issue 10
...speaking up on abuse - keeping silent in Montserrat and new commentator Peter Timmins.
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Catholic Media Watch
St Vincent's won by default on the ABC this week when the opposition failed to show, says Michael Mullins
Why I am a Catholic
Recently a friend asked me why I was Catholic, writes Brian Doyle. I mumbled a few reasons - but on reflection, my reasons for belief in Jesus are muddier....
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