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Catholics must create dialogue spaces - John L Allen
Catholics have to create their own spaces for dialogue on key issues by using such institutions as Catholic universities and the Catholic press, said John Allen, Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter.
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Federal Election: Vote by Christian ethics
At the forthcoming federal election, Australian voters must ask themselves whether their party of preference serves the common good, according to the CRLI's Social Action Office, Queensland.
Robinson: Bishop who 'saved the game'
Bishop Geoffrey Robinson has retired early, due to ill-health. He was recently honoured for his work on the Towards Healing protocols. Cliff Baxter ponders the man and concludes that "a gentleman took a hospital pass".
Sin - a mind/body phenomenon
Human sinfulness is to some degree 'hard-wired' into our biology, claimed Dr Kim Power at the Women and the Australian Church Conference. The good news is that human beings can 're-wire' themselves to overcome fears that have been learned.
Transubstantiating the culture: Andy Warhol's secret
Andy Warhol transformed our understanding of our culture. Certainly every serious artist working today has been influenced by Warhol's conversion of banal consumerism into the sacred realm of art. Just as many people's secret sins are exposed at death, so too were Warhol's secrets: his were that he went to church and served at a soup kitchen.
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Bishops shirk key moral issues
Call me Catholic!
Michael McGirr considers Augustine, the "Footprints" prayer and the odd phenomenon of swimming in winter.
Edmund Campion
in his column Books Etcetera finds that Alan Gill has uncovered one of Australia's great success stories in Interrupted Journeys.
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