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  • Christian Brothers tend a wider flock
    An important chapter in the story of the Australian Catholic Church closed last week when the Christian Brothers were instructed to quit their role in education and head off to the missionary fields of Asia instead - The Sydney Morning Herald

  • A little fee enterprise
    Leading independent schools are poaching top students from Catholic schools, creating growing tensions between the two sectors.The practice has been brought to the attention of a Senate inquiry by Melbourne University professor Richard Teese, a leading education authority who is developing a new funding system for Victorian schools - The Age

  • Funding Challenge?
    The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) is concerned about a possible High Court challenge to the validity of private schools using federal funding for religious purposes. More than 600 teachers at the NSW Teachers' Federation annual conference in Sydney voted to investigate the possibility of mounting the challenge
    - catholic leader

  • Governor: why I feel Aboriginal
    The NSW Governor, Professor Marie Bashir, has told children of her experiences with racism and that, despite her ethnic background, she feels Aboriginal - catholic weekly

  • Catholic officials urged to look to laity
    Roman Catholic officials need to look to the laity for many parts of the church's mission that historically have been dominated by priests and nuns, participants in a Catholic discussion group said last Saturday after a two-day conference- cnn

  • French prelate foresees new persecution in Europe
    Europe is not safe from religious persecution, warns Cardinal Paul Poupard-- although modern-day attacks on believers may take more subtle forms - catholic world news

  • Ireland Faces Shortage of Roman Catholic Priests, NY Times Says
    Ireland, which for centuries helped train, ordain and send Roman Catholic priests to parishes around the world, faces a shortage of priests at home for Irish parishes, the New York Times reported - bloomberg.com

  • Eco-Refugees Seek Asylum
    Every day thousands of people around the world join the ranks of 'environmental refugees' - fleeing deforestation, natural catastrophes and nuclear and industrial disasters - alternet.org

  • UK:Caritas urges Peers to vote for equal protection for children
    The New Clause to the Children Bill on equal protection from assault for children, came this week to a vote in the House of Lords. Caritas has been vigorously campaigning for a change in the law on assault, and called upon peers to take a positive stand for equal protection reform UK Bishops Conference

  • Spain being 'taken back to Moorish times'
    Spain's leading archbishop, Cardinal Antonio María Rouco, has denounced the new socialist government, saying its policies were taking the country back to medieval times, when Muslim invaders swept across the Straits of Gibraltar - guardian.co.uk

  • Christians unite to block anti-conversion legislation
    Sri Lanka's bishops have strongly criticised a proposal by the Government to outlaw religious conversions - independent catholic news

  • Zimbabwean clergy describe 'atmosphere of terror'
    The Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, with other church leaders has said that the Zimbabwean government is creating an 'atmosphere of terror' with its repressive new laws and state-sponsored violence to crack down on all opposition - independent catholic news

  • 'Life without sex is hard but you can do it. I'm living proof,' says John, aged 14
    On its first overseas tour, the Silver Ring Thing's message of chastity has pitched the group into the center of a national debate on teenage sexuality and its attendant problems, on the efficacy of school-based sex education programs, and on the perceived American tendency to moralize
    - telegraph.co.uk

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