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US Dioceses: the bankruptcies begin
The US Catholic Diocese of Tucson has announced that it is probable that it will declare bankruptcy in September this year. This follows the decision of the Archdiocese of Portland last week to file for bankruptcy due to sex abuse claims.
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U.S. - Holy See's Top Source of Funding
The Catholic Church in the United States continues to be the Holy See's greatest source of funding. But Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani, who runs the Holy See's economic affairs, still had to report a deficit for 2002-3 of some $11.8 million.
Spanish gays quit the church
Spain: Gay rights activists have handed in 1500 letters to the Catholic Church from people renouncing their faith in anger at its opposition to gay marriage, which the Socialist Government plans to legalise.
India: Jesuits embrace indigenous languages in priestly training
Jesuits in India may now study for the priesthood in the language of Konkani, after a new year long course in the language waslaunched last month. There are now more Jesuits in India than in the United States.
The Soapbox: Basta Cosi!
When is 'pro life' not 'pro life'?
If Jesus' mere presence at a wedding instituted the sacrament of marriage, then his intervention to protect the life of the adulterous woman shows a pretty unequivocal pro life attitude. But these days, as Angelo Stagnaro, explains, 'pro life' does not always mean 'pro life'. The New York stage magician and Catholic commentator (!) shows how it was explained to him in this week's Soapbox.
Welcome ….issue 8
Farewell to the Christian Brothers (Opinion) and The Sleuth goes west, as does belief in Why I am an Atheist.
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As Bad As We Get
Catholic Media Watch
Michael Mullins says that the Christian Brothers didn't get a fair go in the Australian media - until they announced they were leaving the country for good.
Reply to Ron Calli
Is 'Ron' a fake? Cliff Baxter thinks so. The veteran journalist reviews Ron's piece calling for an Anglo pope - and concludes 'Ron' isn't what he seems …..
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