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As Bad As We Get

One of the most difficult dilemmas for the liberal Christian is how to understand homosexuality.

This week, New Jersey became the fifth state in the US to confer some level of legal equality on same sex unions - the others are Massechusetts, California, Hawaii and Vermont. While these rights fall short of those enjoyed by married people, the gay lobby has been clear that marriage itself - with all its legal, medical and social implications - is their goal.

Many who would regard themselves as essentially tolerant of difference may feel uncomfortable with state sanctioned homosexual marriage.

Our guest essayist this week, Professor of Theology A.J. Conyers offers his view in As Bad As We Get.

Dr A. J. Conyers is a member of the founding faculty of Truett Seminary at Baylor University in Texas. He has earned degrees from the University of Georgia, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has engaged in additional study at University of Tubingen (Germany) and Notre Dame University. Dr Conyers has authored numerous articles and books. This article first appeared in Touchstone Magazine.

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