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Disclose Finances, US Lay Leader tells Aussie Church
The Catholic Church in Australia should immediately publish its financial records for the good health of the institution, according to Dr Jim Post, President of the US lay organisation, Voice of the Faithful.
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Support UN in Iraq, Caritas says
Australia should support a multilateral effort backed by the United Nations, says Caritas Australia, as others fear the US-backed Allawi leadership is doomed.
Breakthrough in Catholic Orthodox relations - Cassidy
Cardinal Edward Cassidy says 'real significance' in meeting between Pope and Patriarch - but a price has been paid by the Eastern Catholic Churches, following a renege by Rome.
Requiem for a 'gentle, good man'
The Church farewelled Bishop John Heaps, a former Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney, in a Funeral Mass at St Mary's Cathedral. His death has renewed interest in his controversial 1998 book.
"Listen to the people - listen to those who say they were abused"
Br Gerry Faulkner led the WA Christian Brothers when the abuse scandals first broke in Australia, in 1988. In this exclusive interview, Br Gerry speaks candidly about what happened, what went wrong and what the Church should do to prevent abuse.
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This week conscience, convictions and confessions: Anglican Bp Tom Frame, Christian Br Gerry Faulkner and Geraldine, too. INTRODUCE A FRIEND TO
Conscience and collateral damage
The Allies want to justify 'collateral damage'. Redemptorist Brian Johnstone isn't convinced.

Call me catholic!
There's nothing quite so Catholic as a good story, says Michael McGirr, and the wrapt attention of children at storytime could teach the Church a thing or two.
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