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Celibacy - the Movie
"Celibacy", a new documentary shown on US TV this week, has rocked the Church, drawn fire from Church leaders - and packs a visceral punch, according to reviewers.
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Australian Opus Dei remembers
The life of Opus Dei's founder, Saint Josemaria Escriva, was celebrated in the country's Cathedral's last Saturday, the anniversary of his death in 1975.
"A tough act to follow" - Doyle
Senator Brian Harradine's resignation will create a void that will be very hard to fill, the Archbishop of Hobart, according to Tasmania's Archbishop Adrian Doyle.
Vote [1] No More Poverty
3.6 million Australians live in households with under $400 a week. A new Christian coalition wants us to use our votes for change at the next Federal election.
The moral universe of Harry Potter
For Award winning author SOPHIE MASSON, there is nothing 'unchristian' about the Harry Potter stories, as many Christians have argued. On the contrary, these stories are fundamentally to do with joy, because JK Rowling has created a world which is profoundly concerned with the Good (with a capital G!)
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A test or warning
Geraldine Doogue lost her marriage and her spiritual moorings at the same time. She tells the story in Why I am a Catholic.

Abuse and being media-friendly
Columnist Michael Mullins compares Salesian Ian Murdoch's recent reaction with that of Jesuit Fr Mark Raper last year, to media questions on sexual abuse.
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