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Salesians close ranks following apparent cover-up
The Salesian Order was this week denying that they had obstructed justice by spiriting away the convicted paedophile priest, Fr Frank Klep, to Samoa in 1998.
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Papal Nuncio Lectures Australian Religious
There was outrage at last week's gathering of the 120 leaders of religious congregations in Brisbane when the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Canalini, used his homily at a mass to lecture the assembly on liturgical abuses.
Steinfels urges Catholic health providers to keep the faith
Health care, the church and American society as a whole would be diminished if Catholic hospitals and other health organizations were to lose their religious identity, says ethicist Peter Steinfels.
New Study shows Melbourne, Perth 'more tolerant' than Sydney
It's official: the most tolerant Australian city is not get-out-and-boogie Sydney, but supposedly buttoned-down Melbourne.
Profile: Brother Guy Consolmagno
Brother Guy Consolmagno is an author and astronomer, an observer of asteroids and Kuiper Belt comets. He divides his time between the Vatican's own observatory in Tucson, Arizona and Italy, where is he curator of the Vatican's collection of meteorites.
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Playing Fair
Yeah, yeah, we know, the Church is not a democracy. But if you could vote, what would you change? Jane Anderson has some suggestions.

Ron Calli
Columnist Ron Calli considers those framing the new EU constitution have hit the delete button on Europe's Christian heritage.
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