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Catholic Senior Staff favoured in wage decision
Catholic Principals in NSW who are engaged on the basis of commitment to Catholic ethos and their own Catholic practice, may now expect to be paid extra for it.
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Frank Brennan takes Pell to task on Conscience
Frank Brennan sj has rejected Cardinal's Pell views that we should stop talking about the primacy of conscience. Brennan says it is central to communicate the message of the Second Vatican Council.
Time to release all children - Chilout
Chilout (Children out of Detention) has called for the Government to free the remaining 162 children in detention centres. The call came on June 10, the date determined by the the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission for their release.
CAFOD condemns backtracking on 3rd World Debt
Catholic aid agency CAFOD has condemned the backtracking of the G8 group, led by the US, on a UK proposal to cancel 100% of the debt owed by the world's poorest countries.
Why I am a Catholic: Matt Reiner
Many young people today experience a rather sad and at times maddening ambition for Fame. The secular music industry is an especially tempting "apple" for those so hooked into the temptation for such success. Somewhere along the way you give into temptation and your every waking moment is cursed by your craving for that most juicy and delicious apple. The secular music industry is full of people like that - and I have been one of them.
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Full as a Catholic School?
Australia has one of the world's very few separately funded Catholic school systems. And there's a good reason the rest of the world doesn't follow our model: it's unjust. Michael Furtado explains.

Ron Calli
Columnist Ron Calli says forget Africans, Latin Americans and all politically correct choices - next time, what we really need is an ANGLO Pope
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Edmund Campion reviews the important new book from Paul Collins: Between the Rock and a Hard Place
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