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Pope chides Bush over Iraq, woos Swiss
The Pope pressured the US President over what he described as recent 'deplorable events' in Iraq, before slaying 'em in the aisles in Switzerland.
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US: Christian Brothers Investment Services Ranked as #1
A respected industry survey puts the Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) as the top Catholic institutional investment firm and in the top 40 worldwide.
Redfern pleas for intervention
A plea for intervention by Cardinal Pell in the increasingly fraught situation in the Aboriginal parish of St Vincent's, Redfern, was apparently withheld from him for two months.
Journey of Promise - the Movie
A film recording the week spent living together in Sydney last January by 30 young Jews, Muslims and Christians is to be launched tomorrow.
Profile: Brian Doyle and the Ministry of Story

There are some writers upon whom God has bestowed such life and energy that their work leaps off the page. US essayist Brian Doyle is one of these.
In Australia recently to promote his book, Leaping: revelations and epiphanies, Doyle spoke with online catholics. He was just gorgeous......
Welcome...Issue 3
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Seeking a Catholic Church
Good news about the Catholic Church seems nowadays to be in short supply. Richard Lennan ponders why.
Ron Calli
Is the Catholic Church just one big marriage bureau? New columnist Ron Calli reckons attitudes need a major re-think.
Call Me Catholic!
You can't call yourself a Catholic until you have pondered the religious significance of your refrigerator, as Michael McGirr explains.
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