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Building a better democracy

Australian Catholics were asked this week to give special consideration to value questions prior to casting their votes in the forthcoming Federal election. The Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference has issued a set of nine principles within which, they say, a just society should be built - online catholics

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A'bishop Wilson: "Church serious about abusive priests"

Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson recently organised an international group of English-speaking bishops serious about ridding the church of sexually abusive priests, but also admitted that only the US has done the number crunching about the real scale and scope of the problem - Catholic News Service

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"Cherishing Life" - UK Bishops issue moral teaching

UK: The Bishops of the UK issued a new document, "Cherishing Life", designed to explore Catholic moral teaching in an accessible fashion, last week. But some fear that the document ignores the social dimension of morality, overemphasising the personal
- The Guardian

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