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All are morally responsible
The General Secretary of the National Council of Churches has spoken out against remarks by Peter Costello. The Treasurer claimed Church leaders were failing to lead Australians to faith, 'squandering' Australia's Christian heritage and leading to 'moral decay'.
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Building a better democracy
Australian Catholics were asked this week to give special consideration to value questions prior to casting their votes in the forthcoming Federal election. The ACBC has issued a set of nine principles for a just society.
Church serious about abusive priests, but...
Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson has admitted that only the US has done the number crunching about the real scale and scope of the problem of abusive priests
"Cherishing Life" - UK Bishops issue moral teaching
UK: The Bishops of the UK issued a new document, "Cherishing Life", designed to explore Catholic moral teaching in an accessible fashion, last week.
Great Catholic Moments

Stop! If there's one piece of writing you should read today, this week, this year, for the rest of your life - this is it.
For everyone who ever felt the grace and mystery of the Divine, and everyone else who is scared to death - especially for Pentecost - US Catholic writer Brian Doyle's YES!
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Heart of Darkness - Iraq
Most of us have experienced violent desires. Could we do what they did in Iraq? Brian Johnstone, on human sinfulness.
Dealing with Da Vinci
Sales of The Da Vinci Code have now topped seven million and Catholics are worried. George Weigel asks - but why?
Catholic Media Watch
Pollies, communion, abortion - Americans should just lighten up and be more like our Bishops, as Michael Mullins explains.
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