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Bishops fail to respect Aboriginal culture, spirituality
Australian Bishops have failed to show regard for Aboriginal people by refusing a request to draft Guidelines for Clergy who work with indigenous Australians, according to Sr Marnie Kennedy, rscj.
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US Catholic lawmakers say church shouldn't mix religion and politics
48 Catholic members of the United States Congress have signed a letter voicing concerns over the Church withholding communion from certain Catholic legislators.
UK: We believe but not in church
A UK Home Office report says that four out of five people in England and Wales say they feel an affliation with an organised religion. 74% say that religion is Christianity. So why do only 7% of them go to church?
Banning the 3rd Rite doesn't help, report shows
A confidential report shows that banning the Third Rite of Reconciliation has not had the effect of promoting participation in the 1st and 2nd Rite, as has been consistently argued.
L'arche founder Jean Vanier is a man with a passion for both the physical and the spiritual, and through the L'arche movement has changed the way the world thinks about intellectual disability. In Australia for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of L'arche and the Faith and Light communities here, Jean Vanier spoke to Kate Mannix about freedom, fear and unsympathetic bishops.
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Sr Veronica Brady
casts an eye on the state of all things Catholic in Australia in 2004, and concludes, to her own surprise, that this is good time to be Catholic.
And a good place.
Edmund Campion
in his column Books Etc reviews "Sex Power and the Clergy" by Muriel Porter and "Our Fathers" by Newsweek's David France.
Call Me Catholic!
You can't call yourself a Catholic until you've done your share of folding. Michael McGirr explains all in "The Catholic Fold"...
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