Changing face of homelessness
The stereotype of a homeless person being an ageing male with a dependence on alcohol is no longer relevant. Today, homelessness is an issue that also affects young men and women, single mothers, fathers and families. 
Disconnected Catholics – your response
Letters in response to last week’s lead article.

Call me Catholic: wait watchers
You can’t call yourself a Catholic until you’ve lost a few kilos. And then St Anthony goes and finds them again for you.
by Michael McGirr

For those friends of Online Catholics who missed the announcement:
The Board of Online Catholics Limited has decided to cease publishing the current weekly e-journal after 20 December 2006…  The non-profit company, Online Catholics Limited, will remain. Hopefully we can come up with another avenue in the future to promote renewal and free discussion in the Catholic Church. Our commitment to a revitalised church and open dialogue remains undiminished… Garry Eastman, Chair, Board of Online Catholics. Tuesday, December 5.

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